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Tier 1: Revivalist Lifestyle

Through sound biblical teaching with a lifestyle of prayer and intimacy with God, you will learn how to live every day in the supernatural, empowered by the Holy Spirit. You will learn about revivals; past to present and what it takes to sustain revival in your personal life and the local church. 


Tier 2: Spiritual Leadership

You will learn to walk at a high level of leadership in the local church from the place of revival; Grow in character and taught how to serve from a posture of humility with authority by learning to die to self every day through sanctification.  


Tier 3: Credentialing for Ministry

Your next step is into studies of theology, preaching the word, ministerial ethics as well as other tools to confidently prepare you for the work of the ministry. Students are able to apply for ministry credentials through Fresh Start Church upon completion of the 18-month schooling process.

Class Schedule:

Mantled school of revival’s first-tier begins in August and ends in December. The second tier begins in January and ends in May. Third-tier begins in August and ends in December. Classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 pm to 9 pm on the Fresh Start Church Campus. 


Tuition & costs:

The tuition cost is $500 per tier which covers the courses, facilities, and administration fees. (does not include books, food, or lodging). Tuition is due no later than the Friday prior to the first day of class.

Two recommendations are also necessary for your application to be received and processed. One recommendation needs to be from a pastor at the church where you attend and the other recommendation can be from someone 18 or older who is not related.

Application Requirements:

  • Post High School

  • You must be a covenant member of Fresh Start Church or of your home church.

  • Two recommendations (Pastor & Friend 18 or older)

While Attending Mantled School of Revival you will be required to:

  • Attend all Weekly Classes (Only 2 absences from weekly classes are allowed per tier. )

  • Turn in Weekly accountability forms

  • Fresh Start Church members must attend all services; including Sundays, Revival weekends, GAP prayer and attend activate nights.  Must serve in at least one area of ministry at Fresh Start Church.

  • Non-Fresh Start Church attendees must be faithful to their Sunday services and must serve in at least one area of ministry at their church.  Must attend at least one service of all Revival weekends at Fresh Start Church, and attend weekly GAP prayer at Fresh Start Church.  


Students are able to apply for ministry credentials through Fresh Start Church upon completion of the 18-month schooling process. Mantled School of Revival administers all necessary testing, interviews, and internships and assists students through the entire process.

Enrollment is now OPEN.
                  Closes July 31st, 2024




 Revivalist Lifestyle



Spiritual Leadership




for Ministry

A total of 18 courses over the 18-month process are taught by the lead pastors and The executive pastoral staff of Fresh Start Church.​ Tiers must be completed in order beginning with tier 1. 

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